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The Film Agency

Film production for companies, products, training, trailer, tv- and movie spots. Mediation service for national and international producers.

Do you want to present your company, your products and services attractively and contemporarily?

Do you want to produce your film in Switzerland and are you looking for a competent full service partner?

Then please contact us!

01 / Production

Let's follow the creative path


Films vividly convey emotions and facts. Moving images and skilfully prepared content

are immediately understood with ease. And remembered for a long time to come.


Films impact on several levels. With images that stimulate, enthral and provoke. With sounds that seduce and reinforce emotions. With comments that provide order and with graphics that explain and illustrate facts


What do you want to provoke in the viewers, audience? The concept, script, choice of formats used, imagery, dramaturgy, images, dialogues, comments, editing, sound as well as techniques and technologies are all geared towards this.

02 / Advertisement

Your Film.

Your advertisement.

Moving images are an effective instrument for the internal and external communication of a company. In an elegant manner, they connect information, emotion and entertainment and enable a sustainable and positive delivery of messages to employees, investors, partners and customers.


Film has a wide range of applications in the technical marketing environment.


03 / Services

A partner

for your film production.

We support film productions from abroad within your project and in the implementation. Take advantage of our expertise, our professional network

and central location in the heart of Central Switzerland, Lucerne.


The collaboration of different specialists and service providers will be carefully coordinated. Transport, accommodation, catering must be arranged. Filming permits, materials, props, locations and crew must be available at the right moment.


We have long-standing, excellent contacts with authorities, independent film-makers, film and sound studios and equipment hirers.


With our central location and excellent infrastructure, we can ensure a flexible and full service for your film production at short-notice.

05 / Contact

Straight to

the point.

Do you have a question regarding your film project. We have the answer.

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